Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gubi -Gubi Blank Is up For Download!

The New Version of Gubi-Gubi


1. Customized the template
2. Send the Customized template to for serialization

[Click here to Download]

Gubi - Gubi November Series (Another Sneak peek)

Customized By : Harold of PainKillahArt
Inspired By : Engkeramba, Samurai, Baseball, Bushi Gakki, Nike AF1
Location : Borneo, Malaysia

Can you feel it?

[Will Be Available For Free Download soon in November]

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Sneak Peek to Gubi-gubi November Series

Customized by : DMC
Location : Australia

Got what it takes?

[Will Be Available For Free Download Soon In November]

Friday, September 25, 2009

gubi-gubi hit thousand download

At last! the three trips of gubi-gubi have hit the thousand mark! and I really wanna tell everyone that I am happy about! it might not be as good as shin tanaka, Matt Hawkin or any other artist... but everyone got to start somewhere right? so, this is a good beginning and a good benchmark for an artist like me! I'm gonna come up with my November series later on! with some fresh name, and some good friend of mine that being around in the papertoys scene for a while... yes! a November series... maybe after that, i will let the latest gubi-gubi blank template be available for free download... but for now!! Just Enjoy the Trips!

Notes: A lot of caring individual out there been asking about where i have been in the past few month before I step back into the game again... Well, I have been doing very well... I went out for a practicum in one of the rural school in Malaysia as an English teacher, for like 4 Months. School has been very busy and I really couldn't concentrate on anything but my school work (maybe the Batman..Hahahaha...), Becoming a Teacher is one crazy experience... but I enjoy every single moment of it! few weeks before my practicum is over? I've decided to get back to what i love doing the most, that is papertoys...but still need sometimes to settle down with some stuff! after I get back to sabah! Then this is the result that you're seeing now! thank you for all of your support!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gubi-gubi (Third Trip)

Yessssssirrrr!!! what you see is something that i Consider as sick!! the third trip of gubi-gubi featured three graphic artists with awesome art background! there is nothing much that i can say bout them, let their art speak for themselves!... just do the clicking, downloading and build them for youself... be amazed by their awesomeness of work yourself!!

[Click The Image to Download]

Customized by : Tougui
Location : France

Customized by : ABZ
Location : Hawaii, U.S.A

Customized by : Harlancore
Location : U.S.A

Gubi-Gubi Blank Template?

The New Version of Gubi-Gubi

what's new on the templates

1. Attached ear to the head
2. No more Adidas Superstar, Hello to Nike AirForceOne
3. No more Sleeves

Will be available for free download at anytime soon

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Poster?

What else can i say? just download the toys? hahaha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gubi - Gubi (second Trip)

Yesssirrrr!! let add some flava to the gubi-gubi taking over the world march!!... like the first trip, this time i would like to add three more gubi-gubi customs to the download, by three of my favorite respectable artists in the paper crafting scene. well... enjoy the toys!!! peace!!

[Click The image to download]

Customized by : JC-One
Location : U.S.A

Customized by : ADMSXT
Location : France

Customized By : Gill Boy
Location : Mexico

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gubi-Gubi (First Trip)

Yesssirrrr... its been a while, but now, the gubi-gubi brother is up for some action!! I would like to present the first 3 gubi-gubi design by three well known papertoys artist from three parts of the world! Let the toys do the talking and you may start downloading! i will come up with more design next week! stay tune!!

[Click the image to download]

Customized by : Mystery action
Location : England

Customized by : DMC
Location : Australia

Customized by :Brian Gubicza
Location : Brooklyn, U.S.A