Friday, October 9, 2009

Gubi - Gubi (Last Trip)

Yesssirrrr... I would like to say that, this is it! the end for gubi - gubi old version! I am happy to end this but at the same time i feel a little bit sad, well a chinese man told me that, every beginning has it end... and this is the end of the trip for the gubi - gubi old series! as usual, I present three artist with different skill in the series! CHECK THEM OUT YOURSELF!! ill Skillz

gonna come up with November series soon, after that I'll be coming up with Christmas series!! Yes! CHRISTMAS SERIES!! but for now! download Baby... download this mad toys to your collection

Custom by : Jerom
Location : France

Custom by : Andrew Fricks
Location : U.S.A

Custom By : Eric W.
Location : Indonesia

[Click the Image to Download]

Gubi - gubi will be back for more action in November!

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