Friday, November 27, 2009

Donation to PainKillahArt

Hello Everyone!!

As I have been in this papertoys scene for like a year now, I realized that I have spended a lot of money in buying paper, ink, stationaries, gadget and many more stuff in taking the gubies to these extend!

I hope that everyone understand that I am also an ordinary human being, that needs to pay his house bills, buy foods for his family and do all sort of things that an ordinary human being do to live...

I have let my papertoys be downloaded for free since the very beginning , and Never ever crossed in my mind that i wanted to charge the people that have been supporting me since day one just to get my gubi templates. I believed that art is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone..

I appreciate your support to me through out this whole process, and every donation of yours will be used to bring the gubies to a whole new level! thank you!

10.00 USD



Harold of PKA

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