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Gubi-Gubi Exclusive Interview : Jack Hankins of Horrorwood

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behind every great custom, there is a story behind it... Jack Hankins was the first artist who submitted for the Christmas series... and his custom bring horror to the entire gubi - gubi family! As a papertoy designer, I am very honoured to have a custom from one of the great artist in the papercrafting scene....and I hope that Jack's words will give us some inspiration, and motivation to move forward in what ever we do... Enjoy!!!

"My aim is to try to create some kind of special world inhabited by all the creatures that I draw"
Jack Hankins of Horrorwood

1. Who is the Main Man behind Horrorwood? what do you do?

The main man (well, only man) behind Horrorwood is me, Jack Hankins. I am a British artist who now lives in Japan.
By day I run a small English school with my wife and by night I am an illustrator and papercraft designer.

2. What is the Philosophy Behind Horrorwood, Why Horrorwood?

I created the name Horrorwood for myself about 5 years ago as I thought that having an "art name" helps to create a certain image when promoting my art. I chose Horrorwood because i think it has a good ring to it. I like horror and nature and movies, and Horrorwood is also a pretty obvious parody of the nameHollywood. My aim is to try to create some kind of special world inhabited by all the creatures that I draw.

3. What is the main Message behind the gubi custom?

There is no real message as such behind my Gubi custom. I was trying out a new more colourful style and I wanted to create a kind of nasty flesh effect using pretty colours. I chose the title "New Flesh" because the creature is supposed to be emerging from it's old skin. Maybe a bunny slowly changing into a zombie?

4. Thanks for your time! Any last word to all the gubi lovers and Horrorwood friends and fan out there?

Gubi was a really nice template to work with and I had a great time creating the custom. I hope that we can work together again sometime. Look out for many more Horrorwood customs and original toys in 2010.

Gubi-Gubi : New Flesh


Imagine if he's exist?

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